auzzzy: Did u wanna skype if so kingjames1813

Boy bye witcha thirsty ass.

elnenepelon: What brand of colored contacts do you wear, pls answer me. They look hella real i cant find any good color contacts

I woke up like dis.

livebehindthemasks: Just wanted to remind you that no only do you have family that loves you but you also have fans who adore you. I can only imagine what your going through right now. I do know that through your struggle though some life's may be changed for the better. Continue one day at a time. And if there is anyway I can offer support please just let me know. Best wishes bro!

Thank you so much.

insidemyh3art: Wanted to follow up with you. How are you doing man?

I’m here. Each day is a progress that’s all I can really say at the time.